About Sci-eye

We apply technology to solve environmental issues for a wide range of stakeholders.

We offer independent research consulting services, leveraging our strong links with universities, government and industry.


We focus on solutions that have positive outcomes for our customers and the environment.


Our work is rooted in rigorous scientific analysis and is thoroughly documented.


We draw on years of experience in industry and academia to deliver cutting-edge solutions.


We deliver fast results using agile methods at all stages of a project: concept, design, delivery.

The Sci-eye Team

At the heart of Sci-eye is an interdisciplinary team of experienced scientists.

Andrew Colefax

Dr Andrew Colefax  

Ecology | Sensor Platforms | Statistics

Dr Andrew Colefax is an ecologist who specialises in technological methods development, and is a Founding Director of Sci-eye. His core interest is around enhancing the use of drones and other sensor platforms for environmental conservation. Andrew also engages in wildlife documentary filming to increase public awareness and connection with the environment.

Andrew Walsh

Dr Andrew Walsh  

Data Science | Machine Learning | GIS

Dr Andrew Walsh is a computer vision data scientist and Founding Director at Sci-eye. He has 25 year’s experience as a professional astrophysicist, with skills in cutting edge research with a finely tuned knowledge of image processing. He has three years experience in helping to develop an AI solution to automatically identify shark species for the NSW DPI. He also works at Geoscience Australia, with the Analysis Ready Data team, utilising drone technology to validate satellite imagery of Australia.

Cormac Purcell

Dr Cormac Purcell  

ML-Ops | Data Science | App Development

Dr Purcell is a machine learning data scientist and developer with a background in astrophysics. He has been instrumental in developing the core technology behind Sci-eye's shark tracking AI and believes that well-grounded interdisciplinary research is critical to solving the many challenges facing the natural world. Cormac is also Australian program director at Trillium Technologies and holds adjunct faculty positions at UNSW CSE and Macquarie University.


The team at Sci-eye work on a diverse range of projects. Click on the images for more information.

Drone and shark

Review of Drone Technology

We were thrilled to co-author a review in the peer-reviewed journal 'Drones'. Check out our open-access paper 'The Drone Revolution of Shark Science: A Review', featuring some of the leading ecologists worldwide.


The X-Sensing Conference

In 2019 members of the team led the organisation of the 'Cross-sensing' Conference, uniting scientists from diverse fields with industry professionals and experts in artificial intelligence. More at


Social Research on Shark Management

Recent research by Dr Andrew Colefax shows that the public strongly supports the use of drones as a shark management tool. More at The Conversation and the journal of Marine Policy.

Shark maps

Where do the sharks go?

Andrew Colefax led a study showing sharks detected away from the surf break do not correspond to detections nearshore. SMART drumlines also do not prevent sharks moving near to surf breaks. More at the journal of 'Ocean & Costal Management'.

Hovering Drone

Shark AI Drone Trials

Working with Macquarie University and the NSW DPI, the Sci-eye team have been building a shark species identification tool leveraging artificial intelligence. The new algorithm was recently trailed on NSW beaches by Surf Lifesaving NSW.


Drone and Satellite Workshop

The Sci-eye team organised a one-day workshop at Macquarie University about using drones and satellites in research. Catch up on the talks from a range of interdisciplinary scientists at the workshop website.

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