About Sci-eye

We apply technology to solve environmental issues for a wide range of stakeholders, with a focus on drones and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Our mission is to make positive environmental impact. We strive to be socially and environmentally responsible in all aspects. We inject resources into further R&D to improve tech-based methods, our ecological understanding and share scientific knowledge to scale our positive impact.


Our team is from diverse scientific backgrounds and our work is grounded in science. We conduct and support cutting-edge research in tech-based conservation ecology, as well as frequently publish in science journals to share knowledge.


We push the frontiers of Ecology AI and the methods underpinning animal detection and analysis. Our methods and processes are often very novel and cross a range of scientific specialisations.


Our focus is always on useful deployment for making a positive difference, rather than 'proof-of-concept'. We design integrated methods and systems to be implemented in real-world contexts for solving environmental challenges.

Sci-eye Founders

Sci-eye is led by an interdisciplinary team of experienced scientists.

Andrew Colefax

Dr Andrew Colefax  

Ecology AI | Drones and tech | Statistical modelling

Dr Andrew Colefax is a passionate Conservation Ecologist with particular specialisations in developing novel, tech-based methods for detecting animals and assessing their behaviour. He is particularly interested in leveraging sensor-based platforms and building Ecology AI systems in the workflow to help solve previously intractable environmental issues. Andrew also enjoys being out in the field, for testing drone methods and filming natural animal behaviour for wildlife documentaries. Andrew continues to actively support novel scientific research through collaboration, as well as through supervising and supporting PhD candidates in tech-based ecology.

Andrew Walsh

Dr Andrew Walsh  

AI & Machine Learning | Data Science | Real-World Solutions

Dr Andrew Walsh has extensive experience and expertise in AI, computer vision, data science, hardware/software interfacing and app development. He has particular interests in Ecology AI and image processing, leveraging his profound experience of over 30 years’ and ~300 scientific publications across astrophysics and complimentary disciplines. Andrew is passionate about seeing science-based approaches being implemented and making a real-world difference. He is particularly focused on developing novel ways to develop and package technical and functional systems to an intuitive and useful tool for the customer.


We are working and collaborating on a diverse range of projects. Here are some project highlights.


Large-scale drone-AI surveys of kangaroo species and other fauna

Koala in a tree

AI-enabled day-time koala surveys using novel drone methods

Native bees

Insect detection with AI and camera traps: native bees

Survey of NW Victoria for red and grey kangaroos

Ecology AI-based abundance and population modelling of species

Shark AI hardware

Portable AI detection and decision support in real-time

Sharkie logo

Sharkie App: a custom drone app with AI for shark surveillance


A portable and secure automated data transfer unit

Spectral Filtering

Research: low-cost spectral filtering for improving shark detection


Research: health and behaviour of cetacean species for early warning signs

Documentary Filming

Filming natural animal behaviour for educational wildlife documentaries

Confusion Matrix of Marine Species

Detecting species of marine fauna with drones and AI for beach safety and monitoring

Drone Review Figure

Scientific review of the use of drone technology for understanding sharks

M600 drone with hyperspec camera

Novel hyperspectral research into the spectral properties for sharks to improve detection

Drone hovering over a shark

Social Research to understand social dynamics in a human-shark conflict

Drone Sunset

Ongoing research and development and data collection

Sci-eye Partners and Collaborators

Sci-eye works with a diverse range of organisations and companies

Fujitsu Australia

Indigenous Precision Services

NSW Department of Primary Industries

Hover UAV

Southern Cross University

Flinders University

Surf Lifesaving NSW

Diverse Ecology

Parks Victoria

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