Filming natural animal behaviour for educational wildlife documentaries

Our knowledge of wildlife behaviour, along with our drone and sensor capabilities, provide us with unique capabilities for delivering high-end imagery for blue-chip and standard wildlife documentaries. We enjoy the creativity and challenge of ‘getting in amongst it’ to film wildlife showing their natural behaviour, without causing disturbance.

We also enjoy the challenge of innovating and flying drones in a way that is safe but atypical, to get the right shot that displays the beauty of animals displaying their natural behaviour.

A few productions involving Sci-eye that have aired include the following highlights.


Incredible Animal Journeys (2023). National Geographic and Disney.This is a planet on the move - animals in every landscape are embarking on epic migrations in search of food, shelter, and love.” Drone pilot and DOP Assistant (Rory Mcguinness) for (Plimsoll Productions) turtles and sharks in Episode 1: Ocean Odysseys.

Incredible Animal

Prehistoric Planet 2 (2023). BBC. This five-part nature documentary shows how dinosaurs ruled the earth 66 million years ago. Unlike films like Jurassic World, this documentary gives the most realistic picture possible of the life of dinosaurs.” DOP Assistant (Rory Mcguinness) for back-plates for (BBC) Austroraptor sequence in Episode 3: Swamps.

Prehistoric Planet 2

Giants (2023). Curiosity Stream Inc.Join field biologist and passionate conservationist Dan O’Neill in this five-episode visual feast as he explores the largest living examples of five very different and very big animals.” Drone pilot for (OffTheFence Productions) white shark segment.


Super/Natural (2022). National Geographic and Disney. "This series gets inside the minds of extraordinary animals to reveal how they use super senses to navigate life, revealing a magical new perspective on a world you thought you knew.". Drone pilot and DOP Assistant (Rory Mcguinness) for (Plimsoll Productions) dolphin segment.


Baby Sharks (2022). National Geographic and Disney. "Sharks are found in every ocean across the planet and have evolved extraordinarily different ways to carry their young and give birth and for baby sharks to thrive." Drone pilot and DOP Assistant (Rory Mcguinness) for (Sealight Productions) black tip reef and epaulette shark sequences on the Great Barrier Reef, and bull shark sequences in the Yamba estuary, Australia.

Baby Sharks

Shark with Steve Backshall (2021). Sky Nature.This revelatory series celebrates the wonder of sharks and dispels the myth of sharks as cold-blooded killers”. Drone pilot and DOP Assistant (Rory Mcguinness) for (Sky Studios) for black tip reef and epaulette shark sequences on the Great Barrier Reef with Professor Gillian Renshaw.

Shark with Steve Backshall

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